Tuesday 18th February at 2pm

Has your practice hit a wall when it comes to increasing productivity? Is it fighting fit or falling flat?

If you are struggling to find new ways to make your business more efficient, feel like the admin burden is getting too much, or you’re missing key deadlines, it’s time to pause and think.

You can turbocharge your practice performance, whittle out waste, and make your office as productive as possible with the IRIS Productivity Suite.


Andrew Love will explain all in his webinar and discuss:

• What ways might a practice be out-of-shape?
• How might poor ‘practice health’ affect you?
• How the software equivalent of a ‘personal trainer’ could help you to:

       o get the most from your client base
       o end ‘guesstimating’ fees
       o reduce the burden of admin
       o ensure that the new technology is rapidly adopted by all staff

The IRIS Productivity Suite is the answer to getting your accountancy practice into shape. Join Andrew to discover why and see how we can help you overcome these problems.

Andrew Love

Andrew Love is one of our Product Specialists and has been at IRIS for 7 years; he's been helping accountants understand how to make the most out of the IRIS Accountancy Suite compliance and productivity modules

Ben Webb

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